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ValueSelling has helped thousands of companies and individuals win high-value, complex deals.

This includes not only professional salespeople, but also professionals such as engineers, accountants, consultants and bankers who need to sell to rise to the top of their careers. Our alumni tell us we've helped them transform their careers and their lives by bringing order to the selling process and removing their fear of selling.

When an organization makes a significant purchase, the decision-making process can be extremely complicated. Several players with different objectives, motives and degrees of influence are involved; emotions and politics further complicate matters. This dynamic creates major challenges for sellers, who must often:

  • form a team of their own experts

  • identify the buy-side players and their degree of influence

  • understand their individual concerns and

  • develop strategies to win their support.

Many deals are lost or delayed at the last minute because a key buying influence or even the budget owner has been overlooked.

We give our clients a common process and language to manage large deals. This enables them to quickly and effectively mobilize deal teams and gather essential information to develop a winning strategy. It also gives managers better visibility into individual deals and sales funnels so they can better identify and allocate support resources, manage deal flow, forecast revenue, coach their salespeople to learn from their experiences.

Most importantly, it helps sellers shorten sales cycles and close business by leaving nothing to chance.

Winning Complex Deals: Projects
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