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ValueSelling has helped thousands of companies and their salespeople transition from product-led sales to solution-led sales.

Organizations don't buy products and services for the sake of spending money; they buy solutions to problems to achieve their desired business results. Too often, salespeople begin sales conversations by talking about their products and services instead of understanding their customer's concept—what the customer feels is necessary to accomplish, fix or avoid. Many times the customer's concept of his issue has nothing to do with what the salesperson originally pitches, hence, opportunity stalls.

Companies that learn to sell solutions will realize extraordinary benefits, such as:

  • less competition and threat of commoditization

  • less price sensitivity

  • larger deals

  • deeper strategic relationships with customers.

We give our clients a common language and framework for sales call planning that helps salespeople connect the way they sell with the way their customers buy. This means clearly understanding their customer's key issues and concerns and focusing their selling efforts on the solution and the results the buyer specifically wants to accomplish. It gives the salesperson a framework to view the sale from the customer's perspective and creates a collaborative "win-win" solution for both parties.

Standardizing their approach enables better training, management, coaching, and learning. But most importantly, it helps close business by helping sellers solve problems for their customers rather than merely pushing products.

Transitioning to Solution Selling: Projects
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