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The talent shortage is becoming a reality for a larger number of employers around the world, and sales representatives rank at the top of the "most wanted" list. We help our clients increase retention, engagement and productivity through:

  • smarter hiring and promotion decisions;

  • fostering a culture of constructive dialog between salespeople and their managers; and

  • targeting developmental investments where they will make the greatest impact.

Skills can be taught, but...

Behaviors and interests are much more difficult to affect. And, the cost of a bad hire or promotion can be very high. For example, we've seen successful salespeople promoted to sales managers, or successful "hunters" transitioned to account managers only to become frustrated with their new roles. As a result, good people leave the company, often to take their old jobs with competitors.

When developing skills is important, we often see companies prescribing sales training without really understanding actual developmental needs. As a result, their sales training investments miss the mark, aren't adopted, and fail to deliver a satisfactory return.

We have the data, assessment tools and expertise to help companies make smarter hiring, staffing and promotion decisions to increase retention and engagement of sales talent.

These also help companies make smarter training and development decisions, set priorities, and create a clear starting point for improvement and communication between salespeople and their managers. We also roll-up the results to organizational level so C-level executives understand where they are today and where they need to go in the future.

Managing Sales Talent: Projects
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