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Leveraging the ValueSelling Framework® as foundational sales training, we work with teams to create a revenue vortex. Accelerate the process of finding, qualifying, educating, selling and closing new opportunities.

All departments play a vital role in new customer acquisition and expansion of existing customers, yet they rarely share a common framework and language – until now.

  • ValueSelling Framework®: Learn how to engage, qualify, advance and close opportunities through value-focused questioning techniques in this engaging instructor-led workshop. Customized for sales teams and customer-facing professionals.

  • Vortex Prospecting™: Use this repeatable, cadence-based approach to land more meetings. Applicable to account-based, market-based, geography-based or telesales. 

  • Sales Account Planning: Apply the ValueSelling Framework® to increase revenue from existing accounts and target new enterprise accounts.

 eLearning Courses

  • Executive Speak™: Increase your business acumen and financial literacy. Boost your confidence, engage with decision-makers and gain access to the corner office. 

  • eValueSelling® Fundamentals: Familiarize yourself with the ValueSelling vocabulary, terms, processes and concepts in less than 3 hours. 

For sales teams: Team
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