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We believe strategic accounts are a company's most valuable asset. In many business-to-business situations, it is not unusual for 20% of a company’s accounts to contribute 80% of their revenue. As such, these assets must be carefully protected and managed to grow to their potential. Failure to do so can result in financial ruin.

We also believe that accountability for managing strategic accounts transcends the sales organization to include the entire executive team. Each strategic account requires an executive-level sponsor and executives must establish peer relationships within their strategic accounts. If a strategic account is lost or significantly shrinks, then the CEO needs to understand why. There's simply too much riding on these to take them any less seriously.

We help companies achieve a consistent approach to protecting and growing their strategic accounts. In doing so, we completely align key stakeholders, such as sales, marketing, product management, and finance with the strategy. In many cases, we involve global teams to ensure efforts are not frustrated by the competing priorities of local country managers. The simplicity of our solutions reduce the enormous costs of coordinating account activity worldwide.

Implementing a global account management operation is among the most significant challenge an organization faces, but we help embed sound best practice systems and processes into your organization.

Protecting and growing Strategic Accounts: Projects
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