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ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results.

The ValueSelling Framework is a simple process to manage the conversation with prospects and customers, and develop a mutual understanding regarding how you and your organization can add value to the buyer and their business. With this conversational framework, you can compete confidently on value, not price, using a time-tested, easy-to-adopt methodology with decades of proven results.

The ValueSelling Framework is based on simple, repeatable steps that fit into your existing sales routine. The Framework is the first and only methodology with a toolset integrated throughout the entire sales cycle. The toolset saves time, effort and resources in all selling situations.

Armed with it, you can:

  • Rigorously qualify prospects and eliminate the “no decision” sales cycle

  • Efficiently prepare for sales calls

  • Ask the right question in the right order at the right time

  • Properly differentiate the breadth of your products and services

  • Build insightful prospect profiles that increase your credibility

ValueSelling: Team
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