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You want more customers, higher margins, more market share.  Your shareholders demand more value, more return. Your employees want a clear vision and culture that recognizes their achievements and provides them the opportunity to grow and excel.

Regardless of your current challenge – more leads in the pipeline, higher win rates, more consistent team performance – we have a solution for leadership. 


  • Coaching the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers: Gain essential tips to ensure your success by coaching your teams to maximize the ValueSelling Framework® in pre-call planning, post-call debrief, creating demand and closing the deal.

  • Coaching Vortex Prospecting™ for Managers: Learn the best practices in developing your team's prospecting and qualifying skills. Then, reinforce the consistent execution of these skills with an implementation plan. 

  • Custom Training on Account Management, Territory Management, Change Management and more. 

Training Reinforcement Tools   

  • ValueSelling@Work® microlearning is the bridge between the classroom and your next sales call. Help your salesforce build skills, reinforce habits and achieve results immediately following their training experience.

  • eValuePrompter® 6.4: This cloud-based tool, that integrates with any SFA or CRM system, is an online playbook that empowers your teams to qualify prospects, conduct team selling and execute a consistent sales process, more efficiently.

  • The 360° Profile Builder™: An interactive tool that leads individuals through targeted questions about their buyer with answers mapped to the ValuePrompter® so reps are ready to engage in more effective sales calls with high-level executives.

For leadership & management: TeamMember
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