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In a complex sale, "losing slow" is the kiss of death. Many deals are lost or delayed at the last minute because a key buying influence or even the budget owner has been overlooked. In a big deal, we often don't lose because of what we know but because of what we don't know.

We help prevent clients from falling into this trap by giving them a clear process to gather essential information and develop winning deal strategies. This includes.

  • developing objective criteria to support investments or to walk away

  • identifying all important decision makers and influencers and their motives

  • developing internal coaches, evaluating competitive positioning; and  

  • building action plans to shore-up weaknesses and uncover uncertainties.

It enables our clients to form their best deal team, organize their efforts to cover all the bases, and set objectives and timelines necessary to move the opportunity forward. It also gives sales managers better visibility into individual deals and sales funnels so they can better identify and allocate support resources, manage deal flow, forecast revenue, coach their salespeople, and learn from their experiences.

Most importantly, it helps shorten sales cycles and close business by leaving nothing to chance, hold everyone accountable for moving the deal forward, and establish criteria to walk away.

Shortening Sales Cycles: Projects
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