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You are who better knows your business and we will not discover anything new. But we can offer our services, by a highly qualified team, so you just have to focus on what is really important for your company, lead, initiate and implement ideas.

In the highly competitive and changing environment around us, the challenges in the area of sales of a company tend to err on frequent occasions. You need much more than sell products or solutions or be good sellers. Companies must analyze and identify the causes of their problems and address the need for change to improve their success rates in the sale.

A company as Win Result with over 20 years of sales experience can bring to their customers extraordinary sales methodologies like ValueSelling


Frans Coenen’s success in coaching salespeople and consultants competing in complex selling environments makes his partnership with ValueSelling Associates a natural fit. ValueSelling Associates, Inc. is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, a sales methodology that provides skills and tools to support every stage of the sales process, whether it is already developed or still a work-in-progress. 

Since 2004, Frans is the Founder and Managing partner of a European consultancy company. He brings to his consulting practice more than 30 years of sales and management experience. He has a passion for working in multi-cultural environments and has been involved in international projects with clients in the IT software & services, Business Consulting, Telecom, Insurance and Pharmaceutical. 

Born and raised in the Netherlands, he started working at Exact Software, a Dutch ERP software provider. After 8 years of different sales responsibilities, he started an Exact Software consultancy group and a year later his group was given the award of the fastest growing Exact Software dealer. 

As a true Flying Dutchmen, he left the country in 1994 and joined Origin Technologies. Frans was responsible for the QAD service line in Origin México supervising business development in Mexico and Latin America. In his 3rd year, his team was given the award as best Alliance Service Partner in Latin America for QAD. He later became the Country Manager for Interact Commerce Corporation in Spain, the makers of ACT! and SalesLogix. 

Frans has a degree in Business Administration and attended an Executive Master program at IPADE in Mexico City as well as a PDG at the IESE Business School in Barcelona. Currently he lives near Barcelona in Spain. 

Frans is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and German. 

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