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We help companies before, during and after major restructuring of organizations during mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

These types of events present significant challenges for companies and their sales organizations. Expectations for synergies and growth are widely publicized and there is extreme pressure to deliver results. However, companies must determine:

  • how best to sell the combined company’s products and services;

  • how to protect and grow key accounts;

  • strategies to retain sales talent; and

  • a process to manage sales operations post-merger.

During pre-transaction due diligence, we can help evaluate the health of a target company's customer base and the overall quality of their sales force. This is extremely important since there are a number of ways to make top-line results look much more attractive than reality. It's a classic case of "buyer beware" – we can help uncover red flags, and avoid the consequences down the road.

During the transaction, we can help assess the behaviors, interests, and skills of the various sales people to determine who has the greatest odds of being successful in the new organization. This gives management an objective baseline to support decisions for staffing the future organization by really getting to know their people. We can also help develop strategies to protect and grow strategic accounts, which are essential to deliver results.

Post transaction, we can help an organization develop common processes and vocabulary to integrate sales forces, manage large deals and key accounts, and support their overall sales management and operating systems.

All of this rigor and planning pays huge dividends by minimizing disruptions to customers and to the sales organization.

Integrating Sales Forces: Projects
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