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Sales Best Practices Study

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Sales Best Practice Study

Every year for the past nine years, Miller Heiman has surveyed sales professionals - executives, leaders and representatives - to better understand what differentiates World-Class Sales Organizations. This global study contains input from more than 27,000 participants to date and is considered the world's largest ongoing study of complex, business-to-business selling and sales management practices.

This annual study, along with our recent launch of the Miller Heiman Research Institute, is part of our ongoing commitment to developing insights and resources to help sales leaders make strategic decisions.

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Byron Matthews, Division President, Miller Heiman:
"The selling and sales management best practices of World-Class Sales Organizations within these three areas helped these organizations achieve significantly better growth across the measurements included in the study."

•Understanding Your Customer
•Priorities for Front-Line Sales Management
•Technology's Role in Improving Business Results

An Executive Summary of the results of this study includes insights for sales leaders to capitalize on the findings when validating and continuing to develop their strategies to be successful this year.

Get Insights, Make Decisions
Get insights into the best practices in complex, business-to-business selling from Miller Heiman's annual study. Click here to contact us or call 877.678.3380 to discuss how you can leverage the data to make informed decisions that will drive your results.