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Advanced Concepts

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Advanced Concepts

Advanced Concepts provides Miller Heiman alumni additional resources to support the processes and methodologies learned at the program workshop to overcome everyday sales challenges. Promoting growth and success, the modules present practical ideas and advice for salespeople and their managers to successfully handle difficult situations that occur in the sales process.

Effective processes
Advanced Concepts supports the overall goals of increasing productivity, improving forecasting, achieving quota, protecting margins, and increasing sales. It does this by helping Miller Heiman alumni consistently adopt and skillfully apply effective processes that have been proven to bring outstanding results.

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Effectively execute on critical elements
The innovative delivery of content incorporates features such as video, animated slideshow, downloadable white papers and hands-on exercises that adapt to different learning styles. Focusing on the biggest issues and obstacles that salespeople and managers face during the sales process, Miller Heiman subject matter experts expand on key concepts learned in Miller Heiman programs and provide highly-tactical advice on how to effectively execute on those critical elements of the process. It's like having a team of world-class coaches who are constantly fine tuning your strategy to win.

By the end of each module, the salesperson will have new information and specific actions he or she can apply immediately to the opportunities being pursued using elements of the Miller Heiman methodology. Salespeople can refer back to this resource for ideas on specific topics whenever the need arises.