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Miller Heiman

Miller Heiman helps companies consistently win profitable business using proven, structured sales methodologies.

Sales are the lifeblood of a company, and at the core of every high performing company is a high performing sales organization. Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Miller Heiman has been a thought leader and innovator in the sales arena for thirty years. We have helped thousands of clients worldwide win high-value complex deals, grow key accounts and effectively develop and manage sales talent. Our user community consists of over a million alumni, and we've sold more than one and a half million books. Our global reach spans thirty plus countries.


What we do

Our knowledge of what creates winning sales organizations, our expertise and experience help clients produce high performance sales teams and deliver consistent sustainable results. Miller Heiman solutions are customer-centered and provide a practical, consistent approach that unifies the entire selling organization to achieve greater wins.

What makes us unique?
  • Rigor. No one understands the complete Sales System or challenges facing Sales Leaders better than we do. We understand business issues and deliver solutions that work.
  • Expertise. Sales Performance has been our sole focus and passion for nearly thirty years. The Miller Heiman Sales Performance Research Study, the most comprehensive annual study of sales trends and issues in the world, backs our knowledge.
  • Speed. We understand the urgency Sales Leaders face to drive revenue. Our solutions can be deployed quickly to diagnose problems and achieve rapid and significant results. We include tools and resources to provide immediate practical application.
  • Impact. Since all Miller Heiman consultants are experts who have led large sales organizations, our solutions reflect our hands-on experience and work in the real world. These have been tested and refined with clients worldwide, winning millions of dollars in new business.

We invite you to contact us, to learn how Miller Heiman can help you build a cutting edge, winning sales team.