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Keep It Simple

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Keep It Simple with Salesnet

The Keep It Simple with Salesnet functionality automates many tasks that sales reps do on a daily basis to keep track of what's happening with accounts - decreasing time in front of the computer and increasing time in front of the customer.

With Salesnet, salespeople don't have to spend time creating next steps or follow up tasks after they talk with prospects. Because Salesnet is customized to your sales process, once reps enter information about the current call or meeting, Salesnet automatically creates the appropriate follow up task on the correct date for that account. Each day, Salesnet presents each sales rep with a color-coded list of all of her tasks, allowing her to easily plan her day and do all follow up steps on time - keeping deals on track.



Office and Outlook Integration

Are you trying to manage contacts and appointments in multiple places? With Salesnet, salespeople can easily synchronize their Contacts (and associated Accounts), Calendar (Appointments, including private Appointments), and Tasks with Microsoft Outlook. Sales reps can choose which data to synchronize, and select filtering options such as "only Contacts from California" or "only Appointments due in the future."

In addition, Salespeople can easily send e-mails to Contacts using Outlook and have a record of the e-mail saved in the contact's Salesnet record. All your documents and correspondence are attached to the Contact, so no more hunting in multiple locations to track all your activities associated with a person or Account. Further, Salesnet's document management capabilities give you a library of templates that make it easy to create and send e-mails, form letters, proposals and other documents with ease.

Salesnet for Mobile Devices

In today's 24/7 business environment, mobile access to your business is almost always a requirement. Salesnet offers the ability to access, with a wireless PDA device, many of the same records that you have available with your desktop Internet browser. The wireless application gives you the ability to instantly respond to a prospect's request for data, even while you're out of the office. You can also send customized e-mails, using templates with merge fields that will instantly populate with data from existing fields. You can attach to the e-mail anything from the document library that you've made available. Once sent, e-mails are automatically captured by the application as linked e-mails.

Query your records from mobile devices through a mini-browser, using simple shorthand commands. Access and update your critical data wirelessly from wherever you are in the world. All data is updated seamlessly in real time.

You can edit an Account on-the-fly with your mobile phone during your commute, quickly add new Deals from your workstation at the office, and then complete Deal Steps with your wireless PDA device at a hotel in a different city that night. Switch back and forth between devices with ease, because all of your data is housed in the same place, regardless of which device you're using.


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