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Intelligent Pipeline

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Intelligent Pipeline Management

While there are many CRM products on the market today, only Salesnet provides Intelligent Pipeline Management - the built-in capability to view real-time information on pipeline opportunities, related sales activities and how this information is changing over time.

Snapshot Reporting

Salesnet has a unique 'Snapshot' report capability. Snapshots are taken at any two given points in time and then the system compares data in the two reports and tells you what changed. The differences are highlighted, so no more lengthy analysis is required on your part to identify what changed in the pipeline.




Standard and Custom Reports

Salesnet includes more than one hundred standard reports, built on industry best practices, so you can get started viewing your data right away. If you require specific reports unique to your business, Salesnet gives you the ability to report on any of the data in the system. You can slice and dice it in countless ways, so you see only the meaningful data that ensures you're driving results.


Salesnet dashboards and reports give you state-of-the-art functionality, highlighted by a point and click approach that makes reports easy to configure. No longer do you have to ask IT to write special reports or struggle with understanding the pipeline and forecast.

Sales people and managers can create, run and edit the forecast with the easy-to-use report capabilities in Salesnet. The dashboard is simple and straightforward, but can also be tailored to fit your needs. In addition, Salesnet comes with many out-of-the-box forecast reports that you can use 'as is', or modify to meet your specific requirements.



Salesnet offers real-time data, with the ability to drill down - in real time - to any of the details shown on reports or dashboards. Our exclusive functionality allows dashboards to be easily viewed in multiple formats, including a movie that shows how the data has changed over time.

No longer will you have to pass obsolete forecast documents back and forth between sales, management and the executive team. Everyone sees the same data, in real time, allowing you to make critical business decisions in a timely manner.

Integration with Other Business Systems

Sometimes you need data from outside your CRM system in order to truly see how business is going. That's why Salesnet is easy to integrate with other applications. Through our partner network, we have integrated a wide variety of applications with Salesnet, allowing companies to view such information as forecast data right on top of the current pipeline, or manufacturing production output for the month alongside that month's closed deals.

Salesnet's integration capabilities are another way we make it easy to have true intelligence about your pipeline and your business.


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