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Miller Heiman, Inc., the world's leadingsales performance consulting and sales training firm, has a joint initiative with, the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, to integrate Miller Heiman's Blue, Green and Gold Sheet tools with Salesforce CRM.

The two industry leaders have joined forces to provide a best-of-breed solution for their clients, combining the world's leading sales methodology, Miller Heiman's Sales Access Manager (SAM), and the Salesforce suite of on-demand CRM applications.

The combined solution addresses top customer priorities related to growing sales by seamlessly integrating Miller Heiman's Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling® and Large Account Management Process processes into the Salesforce CRM adds value to Miller Heiman's sales proposition by providing greater adoption of sales methodologies and increasing CRM use by salespeople."Our work with Miller Heiman makes more things possible for sales organizations looking to leverage industry-leading on-demand CRM with tested, proven and effective sales methodologies," said Jim Steele, president of Worldwide Sales & Distribution,

Miller Heiman Sales Access Manager extends the functionality of the Salesforce CRM application, providing salespeople with a valuable tool to improve adoption of sales methodology and CRM system investments and enabling sales leaders to maximize ROI on technology and training assets.

Salespeople can see immediately how using the system will help them sell more products and services. Tools are presented as visible icons, not obscure Web links, encouraging salespeople to use them to devise effective sales strategies. As they input the required information, Salesforce automatically parses the data relevant to marketing, forecasting, win-loss analysis and other key areas – making it available to the appropriate managers. "Our strategic partnership with is a win for sales leaders,"says Miller Heiman president and CEO, Sam Reese. "Hands down,'s on-demand applications and Miller Heiman's disciplined, rigorous sales methods allow better reporting, more visibility, effective coaching and better results. "The companies are offering a free 30-day trial featuring access to Miller Heiman's Blue, Green and Gold Sheet tools integrated with's CRM application. This powerful bi-directional sales funnel captures all information entered into a SAM tool.

The reports and dashboards show strengths, red flags, ideal customer criteria, Green Sheet questions by type, trends, strengths, opportunities and goals – all presented in an easy-to-use interface. Clients should be able to operate these tools within two business days. To sign up for the free trial. click on the button on the right

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