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Sales Acces Manager

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Sales Acces Manager

Sales Access Manager integrates Miller Heiman's planning worksheets for Conceptual Selling®, Strategic Selling® and Large Account Management Process into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


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This integration allows data entered into the worksheets to flow in real time to your existing CRM system. This enables your sales teams to fully leverage the power of Miller Heiman sales processes in a highly efficient manner, and gives sales managers instant visibility into the activity and strategies of their salespeople to make more informed management decisions.In a recent study by Miller Heiman,

it was found that only 33% of sales leaders feel that their CRM systems are fully integrated to support the organization's sales process, and even fewer believe their CRMs provide accurate forecasting of sales opportunitiesSales Access Manager extends the functionality of your CRM system, providing salespeople with a valuable tool and reason to access the system.

This significantly improves adoption of sales methodology and CRM system investments, enabling sales leaders to maximize ROI on technology and training assets.

This powerful tool is available to Miller Heiman clients who have the Conceptual Selling®, Strategic Selling® and Large Account Management Process methodologies in place, providing your salesforce with the technology for true collaboration and visibility.Sales Access Manager Takes Your Team to the Next LevelMonitor plans in place to close opportunities vs. plans missing.

Gain instant visibility into buying influences - are the bases covered? Who is being ignored?See valid business reasons and the action commitments of top performers to coach under performers.Know if strategic account plans in place will make a difference in hitting or missing targets.Spot lead indicators and avoid surprises.Use greater visibility and diagnostics to make educated, fact-based decisions.

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