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Improving Sales Productivity

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HomeOur expertiseProblems we solveImproving Sales Productivity
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Improving Your Sales Force Productivity

Miller Heiman is the world's authority on evaluating sales performance.

In the absence of external benchmarking, it is very difficult for companies to determine where they need to improve. Through our expertise, data and tools, we help evaluate sales force effectiveness, identify improvement opportunities and establish the key performance indicators that track progress toward goals.

We support our benchmarking activities with two proprietary assets:

1. The Miller Heiman Sales System™ - our rigorous methodology to evaluate customer behavior, sales practices and support infrastructure needed to drive results; and

2. The Miller Heiman Sales Performance Research – our annual study of sales best practices and the most robust on-going study of sales performance in the world.

We use our Sales System to collect data on the prevalence of key sales practices and their perceived effectiveness. We gather this information from key executives, sales managers, and high performers through one-on-one interviews, focus groups or web-based surveys. We then aggregate this data and compare it to various benchmark groups, such as industry and geographic peers, and to our annual research to determine relative issues and solutions.

The insights that we uncover are extremely powerful, and enable clients to prioritize improvement programs and establish a baseline to track their progress going forward.