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Problems we solve

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HomeOur expertiseProblems we solve
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Problems We Solve


For 30 years, Miller Heiman has brought precision to the art of selling. Our simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance, especially when the sales cycle is complex and the marketplace is demanding.

Sales Leaders trust us. We understand their sense of urgency. We don't disrupt their strategy; we give them a foundation to execute and drive results quickly.

Sales Managers depend on us. We give them common language and processes to improve revenue predictability, collaboration and coaching.

Salespeople value us. We respect their natural ability and give them added capability and tools to replicate success and create wealth.

Our experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's leading companies and our comprehensive research has enabled us to stay relevant over three decades of change. Bring us your toughest deal or most promising account. We'll gladly prove it.

Typical problems we solve include the following:

  • Improving Sales Force Productivity
  • Managing Sales Talent
  • Transitioning from Product-led to Solution-led Selling
  • Winning High-value, Complex Deals * Shortening Sales Cycles
  • Improving Sales Forecast Accuracy * Evaluating and Integrating Sales Forces Pre-and-Post Merger
  • Protecting and Growing Strategic Accounts

You can read about these issues at your convenience. The list is by no means exhaustive. If you have a particular problem that you'd like to discuss with one of our sales experts, please contact us for a free preliminary consultation.