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Our Expertise


For 30 years, Miller Heiman has brought precision to the art of selling. Their simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance, especially when the salescycle is complex and the marketplace is demanding.

Here's the proof:

  • Together with Miller Heiman, we participate in the world's largest on-going study of Sales Performance Best Practices.
  • Our consultants have walked in the shoes of sales leaders. They understand the need to deliver immediate results and lasting value because they've been in that position themselves.
  • Our experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with leading companies in Spain, Mexico, Holland and other countries gives us, apart of the sales experience, in/depth cultural knowledge.

At Win Result, S.L. we counselclients around the world on a wide variety of sales performance issues

  • Developing enterprise-level sales force strategies
  • Implementingcore sales processes to create new opportunities, win big deals, and grow key accounts
  • Training sales and support people to maximize their effectiveness
  • Selecting, developing and organizing salespeople and sales managers
  • Results We Help Impact:
    • Increasing sales force productivity
    • Reducing sales cycle volatility
    • Improving sales forecasting
    • Sustaining margins
    • Shortening sales cycles
    • Increasing average deal sizes
    • Improving win-rates on large deals
    • Protecting and growing key accounts
    • Improving customer satisfaction
    • Reducing sales force turnover
    • Identifying and closing sales force skill deficiencies

Industry Expertise

At Win Result we have worked with nearly all industries with a business-to-business focus. Although our real strength is with professional services, technology companies in general and softwarevendors in particular, we've developed a deep expertise in many business sectors and are intimately familiar with the unique sales performance issues each faces.

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