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Why win result

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In today’s competitive and changing environment, the sales related challenges companies and our clients face, tend to fall into certain categories. There is much more to selling products, solutions and having good sales people. Companies must analyze and identify the systemic causes of sales challenges, and address the need for change to improve their chances of winning the business.

Win Result engages its clients with a structured methodology to identify and to address these problem areas.

Our Engagement Process:

•Actions / Trainings / Consultancies
•Implementation and Follow-through

We have been involved in many international roll-outs due to language abilities and cultural experience of our team.

Who we are?

Frans Coenen:
Founder of this company, uniquely focussed at Sales Performance systems and the very process of all complex sales activities. His professional career has been a sales challenge all together.

Frans Coenen

Some of his responsibilities have been:

•Director General de 20/20 vision Spain
•Country manager at Interact Commerce Corporation for Spain & Portugal
•Business Development Director at Origin Mexico
•Country manager de Exact Software in Mexico.
•Large Account Manager at Exact Software in Holland.
•Channel Partner Manager at Exact Software in Holland


His eductional background:

•IESE Business School in Barcelona. PDG, executive Master.
•Miller Heiman - Sales Methodologies: Certified trainer for:
   •Strategic Selling (blue sheet)
   •Conceptual Selling (green sheet).
   •LAMP (Large Account Management (gold sheet).
   •Channel Partner Management
   •Executive Impact (copper sheet)
   •Funnel Scorecard
•IPADE Business school in Mexico City. Programa "Alta Direccion de Empresa"
•Professor at ICEMD- Instituto de comercio electrónico y Marketing Directo.

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