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Miller Heiman Case Study


By improving their business processes ADP Spain Iberia is enhancing its position as market leader. Win Result, Miller Heiman partner in Spain, has guided ADP in implementing Miller Heiman sales methodologies and in doing so strengthening market presence and creating stronger relationships with ADP’s customers.

As a result of a strategic plan, ADP Spain Iberia raised a qualitative leap in their business processes through Miller Heiman methodologies, with the support of Win Result. After an initial period of analysis and consultancy, project implementation was based on enhancing the sales skills and knowledge of the sales force by implementing Miller Heiman’s Conceptual Selling® and Strategic Selling® methodologies.

The methodology Conceptual Selling® increases the tactical power of sales professionals and identifies the real buying reasons of the customer. Conceptual Selling® provides a significant improvement in the effectiveness of sales calls, with particular emphasis on understanding the customer’s real needs and delivering the solution that supports in meeting these needs. This helps increasing credibility, receiving reliable information, identifying signs of commitment and defining realistic expectations about the results.

“The process of asking the right questions creates a flow of information, which significantly helps in establishing a relationship of trust and mutual benefit with our customers”

said Emilio Miranda, Director of Sales and Marketing of ADP Spain Iberia. “Our sales network meetings are now focussed on creating specific actions towards a sales goal and delving into the concept the customer holds about the desired solution. The success has been reflected in a rapid increase of the ratio of first visit at the end of contract and, therefore, reducing sales cycle time.

To complement this, Strategic Selling® is another methodology based on the analysis of qualified leads and amongst others map all people involved in the purchasing process. The basic idea is to find relevant information prior to the sale, to get in a privileged position. It provides a high added value in the effective preparation of meetings; evaluation and analysis of the various factors influencing the sales process and in defining realistic expected results. According to Emilio Miranda,

“the gradual assimilation of these concepts by our sales force helps to improve the process of identifying those responsible for making the final decision. Consequently, we increase the effectiveness, shorten sales cycles and improve the revenue projections."

All data generated from commercial activity are managed electronically and are introduced in, ADP’s corporate CRM system. This greatly speeds up information management, strategic analysis and decision-making.

Frans Coenen, Managing Director of Win Result, states that “the project has involved collaboration with ADP as a major challenge for us, because of the extraordinary rigor with which methodologies have been applied. ADP has perfectly understood the importance of implementing new sales tools through planning and strict monitoring of the training process, from the initial workshops up until the following reinforcement sessions”.


• About ADP

ADP is the No. 1 provider of Personnel Management services and Human Resources in Spain and worldwide. ADP is present in more than 69 countries, 46,000 employees and manages 600,000 customers that account for more than 50 million monthly payrolls. Founded in 1949 with a solid know-how, over 57 years as a leader and offers a wide range of unique services that help organizations gain competitive advantages that allow them to focus their resources on their core business and management talent.

It has a solid and extensive prior knowledge of the requirements for the management of human resources and by applying new technology enables its customers to improve their processes and reduce their costs.

ADP guarantees the performance of all its processes and has subscribed liability policies for total security.

• About Win Result

By combining Miller Heiman sales methodologies and CRM solutions, the Win Result team, based in Madrid and Barcelona, brings extraordinary value to the commercial arena, offering a complete solution including consulting, implementation and sales training methodologies.

Win Result, partner of Miller Heiman, provides customers with an effective methodology and best tools that allow them to identify, analyse and solve any challenge. As founder and CEO of Win Result, Frans Coenen focuses its activity and “Sales Performance” business strategy on both the conceptual and operational side as strategic procedures associated with the sale.

• About Miller Heiman

Based in Reno (USA), Miller Heiman is a global leader in Sales Performance solutions, with a proven track record of over 30 years of solid commercial results. The company has a customer base that includes leading organizations worldwide leader, who use sales methodologies of the company to improve its business effectiveness through seminars, workshops and materials developed by the company itself. Miller Heiman is present in more than 30 countries through its consultants and partners, and has offices in the UK and Australia.


• 3 Key challenges

• Better understanding of the client real needs and clarity when planning sales objectives

• Easier way of communicating the actual status in the sales cycle

• Increased effectiveness in sales activities through a reduction of client contacts in the sales process


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